The Roll of The Artist – Volume One

Published in May, 2021 by Strzelecki Books, Cologne, made possible through the generous support of the Günther-Peill-Stiftung.
Design: Bernd Grether. Edited by Harry Haddon.
Thread-bound soft-cover publication, 288 pages in total including 97 full-colour plates, 10 monochrome woodcut prints and 3 monochrome photographs.21 × 13.5 cm (8 ¼ × 5 ⅜ inches)

Edition 1/500

18.00 € (incl. vat)

This 288-page, ‘autobiographicatalogue’ is Fudakowski’s elaborate yet fragmented answer to an ex-boyfriend who asked: “So you call yourself an artist?” In The Roll of The Artist – Volume One the author unfolds herself with personal stories and anecdotes, against a backdrop of the lives and trials of artists who have made a deep impression on her. The book weaves together a wide-ranging and at times awkwardly honest account of the loves and labours of an emerging artist.

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Listen to ‘Empathy When’ podcast interview with John Holten about the book and writing process recorded on the hottest day of the year at Tropez.

Photo credit Bernd Grether