'In the event of sculpture', 2009 Steel, rigid foam, resin, spray paint, magnets, 120 x 120 x 169 cm

In the event of sculpture from Kasia Fudakowski on Vimeo.

Animation, 6’12” loop, 2009
In response to Uncertainty theory and awkwardness at a quantum level.

Dark energy and dark matter are invisible to us. We only know of their existence because of their effect on other visible bodies. It presents an interesting question to scientists. How to visualize the invisible? Or, to go a step further, how to visualize the, as yet, impossible? The difficulty of imagining something that is as yet outside of our conscious ‘system’, beyond not only our understanding, but beyond that which we can ever imagine imagining, is awkward. These images are unsophisticated demonstrations of the way in which we can begin to attempt to visualize the ‘not yet visible’. They demand this kind of simplicity, as they are only pointers towards how one might go about imagining the unimaginable. The tabs and fold lines are immediate invitations to build up into three dimensions what lies in 2 dimensions before us, yet the simple ‘effects’ and tricksy layers that cloud the clearer cut out lines and create more and more layers and dimensions serve to complicate construction. In a kind of 80’s printer startup aesthetic, these images attempt to give a dated authority to the process of future imaginings and non-sense.