“The older I get, the less and less I believe in role of The Cool Girlfriend.

While she is a modern, western invention, swept in with the light, but surprisingly pervasive enthusiasm for the equality of the sexes, the role is in fact regressive, suppressive and deeply imbalanced. Gone it seems, is the Bullish Nagging Wife figure, whipping with a dish cloth, the empty door frame, where her husband should be at this time of night. But far worse is her replacement; The Cool Girlfriend, who is a gorgeous size zero, and cool with her guy staying out, sleeping around, and blacking out with his phone turned to silent…while she is inevitably left to choose the colour of the cushions, oh and find a solution to the refugee crisis, alone .


Sister! Are you good to go, or just easy to leave?


It might have been nice to have a sober, informed and responsible partner with whom to talk things through, and share that burden with, but hey, Europe’s cool about it, it’s no biggie. This ‘no problem babe, just call when you need me’ attitude is going to result in a break up. Britain’s going to wake up in its dirty underwear with no electricity, sad and lonely, and OK, the Bull may have lost her figure, but mate take a look in the mirror! Britain! It’s time to turn your phone on, get engaged, and grow up.”


Kasia Fudakowski, 13th of June 2016

David Cameron, 2016, Plaster, Oak. 21 x 8 x 51cm

Rapidly Assembled Support, 2016, Strapping steel, salt dough, copper rivets, silicone and ink, 175 x 230 x 90cm

Exhibition text. 'The Cool Girlfriend', 2016, Pen on silicone.

Benign Essential Blespharospam, 2016, Neon, glass, fabric, audio. Dimensions variable c. 120 x 110 x 50

Burning Boomerangs, 2016, Burnt polished Oak. Dimensions variable

Boris Johnson, 2016, Plaster, Oak, 21 x 8.5 x 51cm

The Laughing Cavalier, 2016, Acrylic sealant mixed with pigments, glass, mulitplex wood, strapping steel. 109 x 68 x 3cm

Exit-ainment, 2016, Wrought Iron, 79 x 184 x 42cm

Untitled, 2016, Unfired clay, horse hair. c. 10 x 2 x 1cm each

Letter I. 2016, pencil on salt dough, 13 x 11.5 x 2cm