The Intensive Independent International Amateur Academy (IIIAA) is a summer program that offers a diverse range of lectures, workshops, seminars, conversations and experiences drawn from a wide network of friends. We are interested in exploring both the possibilities and the limitations that this framework provides and as such the IIIAA is as much an experiment for our ‘faculty’ as it is for our ‘students’. It is an opportunity for experts in specific fields as well as amateurs in many fields, who have not necessarily taught before, to explore ways of sharing information and knowledge.

The around four ‘students’, who will be selected by IIIAA founders and an independant juror through an online open call, will be invited to take part in this intense program in Berlin for the month of July 2018. The program will be offered at no financial cost to the ‘students’, though they will be responsible for their own general living costs. A studio space in Südstern will be available for most meetings.
Enthusiasm will be mandatory!

The focus this year is on pursuing themes related to practical strategies for the tumultuous interactions between humans, other forms of life and their inanimate surroundings and jokes.

The IIIAA is initiated by Kasia Fudakowski and Philipp Modersohn.

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